AC Servicing & Maintenance

Do you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of it’s original efficiency for each year of operation and that an ac system that is only 10% low on coolant will not only cost about 20% more to operate but might also result in breakdown of the compressor and the condensing unit both of  which  are very expensive repairs?

An air conditioner is a very tough machine. It is made to endure  all sorts of abuse and keep on running. This is great in most respects, but it can lead to negligence of maintenance. Like a car, air conditioners need regular tune-ups to run properly, run longer  and save you from going broke!

Our preventive and predictive maintenance packages help you recover most of the lost efficiency of your ac system as well as help you save on your electricity bills and repair costs. A properly serviced unit also means a healthier and better humidified environment to breathe in. Cleaning your Air Conditioning  is also effective in eliminating many micro organisms including  M.R.S.A, Legionella and E.coli.

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